Hasina vows to root out terrorism from Bangladesh

United Nations, Sep 19 (goollu)Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the international community for strengthening regional and global cooperation mechanisms in fighting terrorism .
She made this call in her keynote speech delivered at a symposium arranged by United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at a UN conference room yesterday.

Hasina also proposed a 7-point suggestion for the consideration of UN for combating terrorism across the globe.

She suggested that the UN should lead and steer the global discourse and action on counter-terrorism, while the world should work to agree on a universal legal definition of terrorism.

That Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism together with a distinction for people’s legitimate struggle for independence from foreign occupation should be concluded early was also in her suggestions.

In the agenda of the UN, national capacity building and training of Counter Terrorism personnel of developing countries and the LDCs like Bangladesh should remain high. She also recommended that there should be an International Center for Counter-Terrorism, with a complete global database on terrorist outfits and suspects for coordination and intelligence sharing among states.

The root causes of terrorism must be addressed and solution should be found, as well as respect for Human Rights and Rule of Law must remain high were also included her proposal.

Hasina said Bangladesh believes that the UN is the only legitimate multilateral body capable of coordinating global action against terrorism. Bangladesh has full faith in all institutions of the UN.

The prime minister said terrorists do not belong to any race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality, and no single country can ever succeed in combating terrorism and its global outreach and financing.

β€œLet us make a fresh vow to save our children and future generations from the horror of terrorism and killing of innocent human beings,” she called upon all the leaders of the world over to involve the whole of humanity in the fight against terrorism.

She informed that Bangladesh has also banned all terrorist groups blacklisted by the 1267 Committee and is keeping a close eye on any suspicious activity.

The prime minister said, the present government enacted Bangladesh’s first Anti-Terrorism Act in 2009 and updated it in 2011to bring it up to the global standards.

β€œEven our Imams or religious leaders are playing an active role with the media in raising awareness against terrorism and religious extremism,” she mentioned.

Hasina said Bangladesh will continue to promote democracy, secularism, free media, as well as interfaith and intercultural tolerance.

Bangladesh has not experienced any act of terrorism in the country since she took over as Prime Minister, two and a half years ago, partly due to the pursuit of these pragmatic policies, she added.

She lauded US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her pioneering role in ensuring her country’s engagement in countering terrorism globally.

She recalled those who died in the terrible 9/11 attacks in New York, as well as their families who continue to live with the loss every day.

Foreign Minister Dr Dipu Moni, Bangladesh Permanent Representative to the UN Dr Abdul Momen and PM’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad were, among others, present
Bangladesh Prime Minister today vowed not to allow extremists to “abuse” Islam as a “pretext” for carrying out terror acts as it appealed to the global community to strengthen cooperation to deal with the menace.”Terrorists do not belong to any religion, ethnicity or nationality and no single country can ever succeed in combating terrorism. We must strengthen our regional and global cooperation mechanism to deal with this menace,” Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in her remarks at the United Nations symposium on ”International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation”, organised on the sidelines of the 66th session of the General Assembly here.She said Bangladesh will not allow its territory to be used for extremist activity against another state, adding that “we are not allowing extremists to abuse Islam as a pretext for acts of terror.” “We condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestation.Countering terrorism and promoting global peace is our foreign policy priority,” she underlined.The government-led by Hasina has stepped up anti-terror campaign in Bangladesh since it came to power in the landmark 2008 parliamentary polls.Hasina said Bangladesh will table a resolution titled ”Culture for peace and non-violence” at the General Assembly.Noting that UN is the only legitimate multilateral body to coordinate global action against terrorism, Hasina said an international centre for counter-terrorism should be established under the UN with a comprehensive global data base on terror outfits for coordination and intelligence sharing among nations.The UN should lead the global discourse and action on counter-terrorism, she said adding that nations must also strife for a universal agreement on a “legal definition of terrorism.”