Lets initiate to develop Ethical Standard of our Nation.

Just before few days i was talking with GURU -Prof. Asanul Alam Parvez -He gave me a new truth that i have been finding from long day before to work out with enforcement development of our country. And the findings is because of of poor ethical standard to are oblicated towards any development .
I don’t want to discuss long – Only to solve this problem i note our Ministry of Religion.
I believe developing the ethical standard of our all govt or non-govt citizen we may get triple action development speed.

To procure so i may reffer ALL-Will management .email : .As i get some potential ideas to bloom the reality.

is also known as moral philosophy which intended to address questions about morality and the perception about doing the right against wrong, being good from being bad and justice over injustice. debates on ethics always centre on whether we should do what is right all the times or do whatever we could to achieve positive results. We shouldn’t forget that propagandists believe in the philosophy of an end justify the means.

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