US consults India over Bangladesh’s political crisis

looming political stalemateWorried over the looming political stalemate ahead of the general election in Bangladesh, US ambassador to Dhaka Dan Mozena has rushed to Delhi to consult the ministry of external affairs (MEA) to seek India’s views on the situation arising out of violent opposition protests.

Mozena, who met senior officials in the MEA in Delhi on Friday, concurred with India’s approach on establishing peace and stability in Bangladesh, the need for free and fair elections where all parties participate and countering extremism and terrorism there, diplomatic sources told ET Magazine.
“India and Bangladesh are on the same page with regard to Bangladesh and the emerging situation there,” an official said, adding that the US envoy was not invited India but visited Delhi as per his government’s decision.

The US Ambassador met his Indian counterpart in Bangladesh Pankaj Saran before taking the flight to Delhi and the two discussed the political scenario amid PM Sheikh Hasina’s announcement that elections will be held by next January and the Opposition’s massive protests demanding that Prime Minister quit and order polls under a caretaker government.

There are reports that terror groups are regrouping in Bangladesh with the help of the ISI…source

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