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Business for Peace Award awaits Dr Mengi in Norway.

IPP Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Mengi has become the first Tanzanians to win the annual international Business for Peace Award. It will be presented to him and six other prominent members of the world business community at a ceremony in … read more

The Hungry Start-up Game: Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Care About Money

In the research for my new book to be published this fall, Hungry Start-up Strategy: Creating New Ventures with Limited Resources and Unlimited Vision, one of the most surprising things I found is that entrepreneurs are not motivated primarily by … read more

Marketing summit ends with Dhaka Declaration

The World Marketing Summit (WMS) Saturday adopted a ten-point declaration with focus on a year-long research into health, education, environment and food security. The Dhaka Declaration was adopted at the closing session of the three-day summit in Bangabandhu International Conference … read more

India’s new-age ghazal singer Jagjit Singh has passed away. He was 70.

  The ace singer died of brain haemorrhage at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai this morning, reports local media. Jagjit Singh is survived by his wife Chitra Singh, with whom he produced several record-breaking albums. Their only son Vivek Singh … read more

Kazi Nazrul Islam..The national poet of Bangladesh .

Bidrohi Kobi: Kazi Nazrul Islam Kazi Nazrul Islam   (24 May 1899–29 August 1976), sobriquet Bidrohi Kobi, was a Bengali poet, musician and revolutionary who pioneered poetic works espousing intense spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression. His poetry and nationalist activism … read more

Good Luck – Bangladesh

    read more

First Sikh jatha to Bangladesh

Thousands of people braved freezing cold temperatures to take part in a parade through Sandwell to celebrate the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. “Guru Nanak Dev – The First Sikh Guru :Guru Nanak was the first … read more

Bangladesh – Sweden – The World :The story of Tasneem Khalil

Source : Tasneem Khalil came to Sweden from Bangladesh in 2007 as a refugee. Once in Sweden he decided to start a global news magazine for human rights. Today the magazine Independent World Report is up and running since one … read more

A Simple Demand !!

Digitalised Bangladesh is now a days is common dream of Bangladeshi. No political question! If we simplify what is digital Bangladesh ? I answer : A well managed Bangladesh. To manage well ,we always need to clear about our resources … read more

Holly Birth Day to Pride of the Nation- Father of the Nation- Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman-Guru

Sheikh Mujib is the father of nation and teach the nation not to compromise for truth and rights." Ek Mujib locantoray lakkho Mujib ghorey ghorey ". With The spirit the nation forwarding the future. ? ? ?Holly Birth Day to … read more