Ship Breaking

Bangladesh declared Ship Breaking as an industry under the ministry of industries

Considering the natural resources and the demand of ship breaking labor it has already proven that Bangladesh is in potential position to bloom a successful industry criteria for ship breaking .Though the sector is controversial for environ facts

 . The Bangladesh government on Sunday decided to announce ‘ship breaking’ as an industry. The decision was taken at a high level meeting on ship breaking and ship recycling with prime minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair at the prime minister’s office.

After the meeting, the prime minister’s press secretary Mr Abul Kalam Azad told newsmen that the meeting decided to place the new industry under the ministry of industries.

Addressing the meeting, the PM asked the authorities concerned to be cautious about the protection of nature and environment of the surrounding areas where the industry will be set up. She said that “All concerned rules, regulations and conventions have to be properly maintained in conducting ship breaking activities under the new industry.”

The meeting was told that the epoch making decision of the government will open up new opportunity for a considerable number of people to get employment.

Placing the ship breaking industry under the ministry of industries is expected to ensure discipline in its activities while the surrounding inhabitants, local environment and the workers and employees will be immensely benefited through it. This will also reduce the market price of the essential materials of the construction sector like rod, iron and steel.

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