China, Japan concerned over deteriorating political situation in B’desh.


China, one of the neighbours as well as the key development and trade partner of Bangladesh, has again voiced concern over the recent development in the country’s politics. It hoped that there would be concrete efforts by the ruling Awami League and the main opposition BNP to resolve crisis peacefully through dialogue.

“I hope that the two prominent political parties would take concrete efforts to signal each other good wills, and to reestablish people’s confidence in resolving the differences through dialogue,” Chinese Ambassador to Dhaka Li Jun said in message Sunday night.

The Chinese envoy said: “The same as Bangladesh people, I’m deeply worried about the recent development of the political situation.”

On November 4 (Monday), China expressed deep concern over the growing violence in Bangladesh. “I’m deeply worried over the increasing violence arising from the political impasse in Bangladesh,” Chinese envoy Li Jun said in a statement on Nov 4.

Against this backdrop, Li had said, they welcomed the recent positive developments, including thetelephone conversation between Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia to find a way out of the current political stalemate.

“As a friend of Bangladesh, China encourages the major political parties in Bangladesh to make all possible efforts to maintain such positive momentum and to use their wisdom rather than violence to find an agreeable solution for a free, fair and peaceful parliamentary election in the near future, for the long-term welfare of this country and her people,” the statement added.

On Nov 3 (Sunday), Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Shiro Sadoshima also voiced deep concern over the escalation of violence in Dhaka metropolitan area and elsewhere in the country. “I’m deeply concerned over the escalation of violence and hostility,” the Japanese embassador said in a statement.

He urged both the ruling and opposition parties to exercise restraint to prevent losses on its citizen’s safety and welfare over the path of the resolving the political confrontation.

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