Bangladesh signs deal with US firm to build, launch its first satellite into space by 2015

Bangladesh will launch its first satellite into space by 2015 in a landmark move towards opening a new era in communication and broadcasting and creating new businesses.


Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission yesterday signed a Tk 82.5 crore consultancy deal with a US firm, Space Partnership International (SPI). The firm will design the satellite, named Bangabandhu, officials said.


The satellite will reduce reliance on foreign satellites for cable channels and improve telecom services to the remote areas of the country.


An American firm will help Bangladesh design and launch the South Asian country’s first satellite.

Officials say Space Partnership International signed a $10 million consultancy deal with the state-run Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission in Dhaka on Thursday.
SPI Managing Director Bruce D. Kraselsky says his Maryland-based company will design the satellite and hire a company to build and launch it. He says Bangladesh wants to launch the satellite by 2015.

Bangladesh says the satellite would improve its telecommunications services, collect meteorological data for disaster warnings and map natural resources.

Bangladesh says the satellite may cost $150 million. It spends $11 million a year renting foreign satellites.

About SPI

Space Partnership International (SPI) takes a fresh new multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to solving complex business and engineering challenges, managing enterprise risk, creating a competitive edge for clients in the space & telecom industries.

Formed in 2009, we bring together a complete range of management, business, financial, technical, legal, risk management and insurance skills, along with years of experience working with just about every type of commercial and governmental client in the space and telecom industries.

Our technical capabilities are complemented by our strategic partner, RKF Engineering, which is a global leader in satellite telecom systems and engineering solutions.

Rather than looking at complex matters from a single disciplinary view-point, for example, having lawyers look at a problem in isolation and without the benefit of engineering or financial perspectives, our approach is to examine these matters from all relevant disciplines at the same time, and to synthesize the results, in order to ensure that we get to the root of the matter and arrive at the best possible solution.

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