Bangladesh software export growth to reach $1.06b in 5 yrs

Bangladesh software exportExport growth of the country`s software and IT (information technology) services will reach worth $1.0 billion by next five years, which will be one per cent of the total GDP, said Shameem Ahsan, president of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS).
Besides, the number of IT professionals will reach 0.15 million by that time he said at the closing ceremony of Bangladesh Information Technology Management Programme (BITMAP-II) recently.
Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) recorded that the country`s IT export exceeded $ 100 million till June this year. However, BASIS mentioned that the amount will be nearly $200 million.
Though the banks count only physical products as export items, a large amount of foreign currency comes from freelance outsourcing and BPO (business processing outsourcing) market, said the BASIS president.
He told the FE that the industry is experiencing 50 per cent yearly growth. Even the growth will be more in upcoming years due to IT infrastructure development, he added.
“The government and the BASIS are jointly working to achieve the target of ICT export,” he mentioned.
At present the country exports IT products to different countries of the world including the USA, the UK and EU countries. According to the BASIS, the demand for the Bangladeshi products is increasing day by day across the world.
Some European countries including the Netherlands and Denmark are extending support to promote the country`s ICT sector.

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