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Price of Power Goes up in Bangladesh-5.98 to 6.99 percent

The government yesterday increased electricity prices of four distributing companies by 5.98 to 6.99 percent, with effect from March 1.

Bangladesh Energy Regulation Commission (BERC) Chairman Syed Yusuf Hossain announced the price hike at a media briefing in his office in the capital.

He said the additional revenue earned by the four companies due to the power tariff hike, will be spent to increase power generation, and to curb system loss.

He said after a long hearing of different stakeholders’ concerns, BERC decided to increase the power tariffs of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (Desco), West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited (WZPDC), and Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC).

The domestic power tariff of four distribution companies?PDB, DPDC, DESCO and WZPDC?has been increased by 6.03, 6.99, 6.29 and 5.98 per cent respectively, effective from March 1.
The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) announced the new power tariff Tuesday at a press conference held at its headquarters?TCB Bhaban. ERC chairman Syed Yusuf Hossain addressed the press conference in presence of all members of the ERC.
The demand charge has also been increased from Tk 10 to Tk 12. The new service charge would be at Tk 6.0 for 1 phase in place of existing Tk 5.0 and it would be Tk 27 for the 3 phase, which was Tk 25.
Except the agriculture sector, all other sectors including the industry would have new power tariff. The agriculture sector would continue to enjoy the special rate of Tk 1.93 per unit.
The domestic consumers of all four distribution companies would have to pay Tk 2.60 per unit in place of Tk 2.50 for consuming 1-100 Khw power, which would be Tk 3.30 for the slab of 101-400 Khw, which was Tk 3.15. For the above 400 Khw slab the rate would be Tk 5.65 per unit in place Tk 5.25
The non-residential customers will not come under the new power regime. They will be charged on the basis of existing Tk 3.35 per unit.
The flat rate of the commercial enterprises would be Tk 5.58 per unit in place of Tk 5.30. The off-peak power tariff for the commercial organisation would Tk 4.05 in place of Tk 3.80. During the peak hours the power tariff would be Tk 8.45 in place of Tk 8.20
The ERC chairman while announcing the new power tariff said that the cost factor of all distribution companies and the affordable capacity of the power consumers were considered while recommending the tariff regime.
He, however, admitted that the impact on the market was not considered while deciding in favour power tariff hike. He also said that analyzing the market situation was not within their domain. The entrusted government organisation would per form this responsibility.
ERC member Mokhlesur Rahman Khandaker, however, said that there would be impact on the market situation due to increase of the power tariff but that impact should have to be little.
The financial strength of the distribution companies would be consolidated with the increase of the power tariff. The PDB would earn additional Tk 114 crore per year, which would be Tk 132 crore for the Dhaka Power Supply Company (DPDC). The additional earning of the Dhaka Electric Supply Company would be Tk 57 crore per year and it would be Tk 26 crore for the West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDC).
The ERC chairman hoped that the distribution companies would utilized their additional for offering better services to the power cutomers

BPDB has been selling power in Rajshahi, Chittagong, Mymensingh, Rangpur, Comilla, and Sylhet, Desco supplies power to Mirpur and Uttara areas of the capital, WZPDC sells power in Barisal and Khulna, and DPDC supplies power to the capital’s Demra and Jatrabari areas, and to Narayanganj district.

The BERC chairman said BPDB will make an additional profit of Tk 114 crore, Desco will make additional Tk 97 crore, DPDC Tk 132 crore, and WZPDC Tk 26 crore in a fiscal year, due to the price hike.

There will be no negative impact on the prices of essential commodities on the local market, as the power tariff hike is reasonable, he predicted

About :West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDC).

West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDC), incorporated in 2003, took over the electricity supply in the area of five towns around Khulna in April 2005. ? Electricity supply in rural areas is performed through 70 consumer co- operatives (PBSs) which are co-ordinated and monitored by the Rural Electrification Board (REB). The power sector of Bangladesh is currently undergoing a reform

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