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Indo-Sino Trade wins Bangladesh rice deal at $395/T

The government wants to ensure sufficient rice supply in the market, Food Minister Abdur Razzak told reporters after the meeting, adding that the government is also considering a proposal to soon import 5 million metric tons of rice.

The Singapore-based Indo-Sino Trade Pte Ltd has won a deal to supply 25,000 tonnes of white rice from Myanmar at $395 per tonne to Bangladesh, officials from the country said on Sunday.

The firm was the lowest bidder at a tender closed on Feb. 8, to supply the rice within 60 days of signing the deal, which will be inked soon.

The firm offered 25,000 tonnes in the tender that sought to buy 50,000 tonnes of the cargo and bidders were allowed to offer a minimum quantity of 10,000 tonnes.

The deal for the remaining 25,000 tonnes will be issued soon with a separate firm after fixing the price.

Food Ministry issued another tender late last month to buy another 50,000 tonnes of white rice to shore up stocks for keeping prices stable in the local market. [nLDE61M0AV]

The new tender was closed on Sunday, but results would be announced later, officials said.

Bangladesh, which imports around 2 million tonnes of wheat annually, has a plan to import 300,000 tonnes of rice this fiscal year to June.

The country, also issued a series of international tenders recently to buy wheat and so far imported 100,000 tonnes of wheat and signed deals to buy 380,000 tonnes more in the current fiscal year.

Bangladesh produces over 30 million tonnes of rice, the staple, sufficient to feed its more than 150 million people,

Realated :


Following the famine in the then Bengal this department of food was first created in 1943. Since then a Department of food has been in existence except briefly for seven months in 1955 when there was an attempt to abolish it and merge it within the Department of Agriculture. Since the area comprising Bangladesh has generally been deficit In food, the Department of Food has become one of the very important departments of the Government of Bangladeshi.


The functions allocated to the Directorates of Food are give below :
???????a. Management and operation of country?s overall food system.
???????b. Implementation of national food policy strategies.
???????c. Establishment of dependable national food security system.
???????d. To establish uninterrupted supply of food rains.
???????e. Preparation and execution of various development projects in the Food sector.
???????f. Watch over food supply position in the Country.
???????g. Procurement and distribution of food grains and other food item including sugar, edible oil, salt etc.
???????h. To ensure supply of food-stuffs through rationing and other, distribution channel.
???????i. To ensure stability of the market prices of foodstuffs.
???????j. To ensure preservation of the adequate food reserve and quality of the stock.
???????k. Matters relating to food budget, accounts and finance, food planning research and monitoring.
???????l. To ensure minimum price of the produce to the growers of food grains.
???????m. Inquiries and statistics on any of the subjects allotted to this Directorate.