Speech of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina- 5th january 2015

Sheikh Hasina
Following is the full text of speech of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina over radio and television on the completion of one year of the present grand alliance government. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Dear Countrymen, Assalamu Alaikum I am extending New Year greetings to you all. Today...
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Foreign investment in Bangladesh : Niko dispute

IN the era of globalisation, foreign private investment plays an important role for the economic and infrastructure development of developing countries, particularly Bangladesh. Bangladesh offers generous opportunities and environment for foreign investment under its liberalised legal policies and principle of compliance with international norms and...
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Bangladesh urged Malaysian investors to Invest more in Bangladesh

Bangladesh yesterday urged Malaysian investors to take up new investment ventures in the fast-growing manufacturing, services and infrastructure scoters to help the country reach newer heights of development. Dhaka also sought technological support from Kuala Lumpur as it has developed expertise in the area. Officials...
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Partnerships for development: A shared responsibility

EVERY year on October 24, we celebrate UN Day, commemorating the founding of the United Nations. Since joining 40 years ago, Bangladesh has experienced significant gains in economic growth and human development. In 2000, world leaders met at the UN Headquarters in New York for...
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China, Bangladesh to work for regional infrastructure development

Silk Road Bangladesh
Chinese President Xi Jinping said Bangladesh is welcome to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member, and the two countries must enhance cooperation in trade, agriculture, infrastructure development and maritime industry. Xi made the remarks Saturday morning during his meeting with...
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Krispy Kreme plans Bangladesh entry with Orion Group

Krispy Kreme’s
Krispy Kreme has signed a development agreement with its newest international franchisee, Orion Group, for 20 new stores throughout Bangladesh throughout the next five years. “We are very grateful to Krispy Kreme for choosing us as its franchisee in developing the brand in Bangladesh,” Orion...
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European retailers pin high hopes on Bangladesh garment

Bangladesh's apparel sector
Bangladesh’s apparel sector will continue to thrive due to retailers’ growing confidence and the country’s ability to supply garments at competitive prices, said officials of Foreign Trade Association, a Brussels-based platform mainly of European retailers. The platform with 1,400 active members has different wings such...
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DFID seeks coordination in health

coordination in health
The UK development agency, DFID, is seeking to strengthen coordination between different health service providers in Bangladesh to protect the poorest from unacceptable healthcare expenses. Country Representative Sarah Cooke on Wednesday said the poorest families “must not have to choose between losing all their hard-earned...
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