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US to provide $ 600’000 assistance to Bangladesh

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour (DRL) of the United States will provide $ 600’000 for the implementation of two projects to strengthen civil society and empowering youth leaders in Bangladesh.

The DRL invited organisations to submit proposals outlining programme concepts and capacity to manage projects that promote democracy and human rights in Bangladesh.

Each project allocate $300,000, according to the US Department of State.

According to public notice issued in Washington DC late on Thursday said the project styled strengthening civil society should build the capacity of civil society to mobilise and lead advocacy initiatives that advance their communities around issues of democracy and human rights.

While the project namely Empowering Youth Leaders is to increase peaceful civic participation in Bangladesh by empowering the youth to become agents of positive social change within their communities.

Indian election: Possible impact on Bangladesh

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Reducing Poverty by Closing South Asia’s Infrastructure Gap

Infrastructure Gap

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Here’s why Bangladesh’s gas price is not valid in India

Deep water exploration and production

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Promoting Human Resources Development – Empowering Manpower Responsible for Development of Economy


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Thanks to PM for initiating Digital Bangladesh


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U.S. Relations With Bangladesh


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OIC to continue work with Bangladesh -xtremists won’t be allowed to hijack Islam

Iyad Ameen Madani

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The potential role of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank-1

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Russia may face second round of sanctions over Ukraine

Ukrainian Americans and supporters protest at the White House over the Russian invasion of Crimea

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