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Bangladesh to set up dolphin sanctuaries.

Bangladesh will declare three river areas in its southwest as dolphin sanctuaries, wildlife officials said Monday, in a bid to protect the country’s population of endangered freshwater cetaceans.

The forestry department took the decision after studies found three areas in the UNESCO-listed Sundarbans mangrove forest, which straddles Bangladesh and India, were home to large populations of Irrawaddy and Ganges river dolphins.

“We have decided to declare river channels at Dhangmari, Chandpai and Dudhmukhi areas in the eastern Sundarbans as dolphin sanctuaries,” Tapan Kumar Dey, senior wildlife conservation official at the forest department, said.

“The channels and adjoining areas are home to hundreds of endangered Irrawady and Ganges river dolphins. Fishermen will be banned from fishing in the areas,” he told AFP.

Tens of thousands of fishermen catch fish and shrimp in the channels. Although dolphins are not targeted directly, they often become entangled in the fishing nets and die by the dozen every year.

A series of studies since 2002 by the Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project (BCDP) identified the three areas in the Sunderbans’ river channels which are key dolphin hotspots.

An earlier BCDP study found the world’s largest population of Irrawaddy dolphins — an estimated 6,000 — living along Bangladesh’s southern coast, including in the Sundarbans.

In other areas where the flat-faced dolphins are known to converge, such as the Mekong delta in South East Asia, populations have been estimated at less than 100.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wants int’l support to face challenges of climate change

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Saturday reiterated her call to the developed economies to assist Bangladesh face the risks of climate change. “Bangladesh is among the countries most vulnerable to the global climate change. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned home early … read more

Gas Mafia Syndicate Makes Political Alignment in Bangladesh

For shortage of production from the gas fields, constraints of gas transmission system coupled with poor gas system operation cause downstream gas marketing companies suffer the most. In a very conservative estimate the coincident peak demand in gas system is … read more

“Transit “should be discussed in public forum rather than keeping it confined to some advisers and bureaucrats

Because of reality reason Speakers at a dialogue on transit have urged the government to become transparent on the issue. They suggested that it has to be a win-win situation for Bangladesh and India to develop a sustainable and long-term … read more

Ivy 26,204, Shamim 6,850

Mayoral candidate Selina Hayat Ivy has bagged 26,204 votes while her main rival Shamim Osman got 6,850 in 18 polling centres out of 163 in the Narayanganj City Corporation elections,   read more

Opposition boycotts NCC election in Bangladesh

BNP Backed Narayongonj Mayor Candidate Boycott Narayanganj City Poll..  Barely seven hours before the Narayanganj City Corporation vote, BNP has announced that mayor candidate Taimur Alam Khandaker, who the party was backing, is boycotting the polls. No army has been … read more

Rab officials have advised voters to cast their votes without fear.

RAB has urged Narayanganj voters to ‘vote without a fear’ on Sunday, assuring them that such a large number of its members have never before been deployed in one place. “Our members will be at each centre in uniform and … read more

BNP condemns diatribe against Khaleda in JS

The parliamentary party of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Friday demanded withdrawal of what was discussed in the house on Wednesday under rule 68 and alleged that the discussion had violated the rule itself. The opposition chief whip, Zainul … read more

Scientists suggest alternative source of arsenic contamination

New research contradicts previous findings that arsenic contamination — an environmental crisis that affects more than 60 million people in the Bengal Basin — in groundwater may result from arsenic coming from man-made ponds, suggesting instead that it originates in … read more

No army in NCC polls

CEC slams govt ‘refusal’ on deployment, says it’s a violation of constitution, EC won’t take responsibility for any trouble; no govt reply to EC’s letter for army to maintain law and order. The government did not deploy the army in … read more