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What Foods Will rebuild your sex drive.?

Libido is usually taken to mean sexual desire, a person’s sex drive or sexual urge. Libido does vary from person to person, from female to male.

General levels of libido & sex drive decrease slowly as people enter mid life.If you have a lower than normal libido, then eating the right types of foods and cutting down on the wrong foods can help to increase your libido and rebuild your sex drive.

Changing eating habits can increase libido

The saturated fats in Fast Foods, Take Away’s and processed foods have all been linked to a loss of libido. Cutting back on these foods could help towards increasing your libido and get your sex drive back on track. read more

Goverment Vs Muhammad Yunus and Bangladesh Vs US

– from Album Blake was not here as a tourist on a sight-seeing expedition to Bangladesh. What he says matters, despite all that talk on our part of shared values and institutions. Robert Blake — he is US Assistant Secretary … read more

Japan defers $400m loan for Bangladesh bridge

Japan has put on hold a promised $400 million loan for a river bridge in Bangladesh, as it focuses instead on reconstruction at home following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, a senior Bangladeshi official said on Monday. “Tokyo has … read more

30697: DAS Gastright encourages coordination on Bangladesh

Sources :Highlighting Bangladesh as the next area for US-India cooperation, DAS Gastright urged that during the April 18 Regional Dialogue with A/S Rocca, we work towards a playbook of carrots and sticks that we can offer the BDG to encourage … read more

Bangladesh ICT Industry to Benefit from New Hi-Tech Survey

Sources :: A Global not for profit research and advisory organisation is encouraging local Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies to participate in a new High-Tech Survey designed to help economic growth in the region by giving industry stakeholders a … read more

Let’s celebrate,Happy 40th birthday, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is celebrating 40th independent day,It boasts a growing economy, a vibrant political scene and a strong women’s movement . . . Forty years after the bloody war that gave it birth, Bangladesh has much to celebrate. Four days before … read more

Govt plans to boost agro marketing

sources : The government moves to restructure the long-overlooked Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM) in a bid to benefit the farmers and consumers by ensuring fair prices of farm produces. The restructuring also aims to provide data to the government … read more