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Who can work for development ? He, who is learned, executor and independent.
Liberation is for liberty of doing… after the national liberation it has passed 38 years but the liberty hasn’t achieved.
From our history we are dominated by various rule still after the contry liberation we are ruled by our people.
The two part of psycology belongs our people,one group like to be dominated and the other dominate.Demand of liberty is in low magin. Which creates crime moster .To be dominator one of the most easiest way is to be a crime master. Having the only one quality who can organise 4 or more youngs determining crime becomes a social crime dominator.

All these is from our real society.The crimer make thread to the general citizen, developer,intellectuals, bussinessman and all the sigment people of socity to get randsom. to keep peace the general also agree to pay some part with dishonor. the thrust of liberty and real field conflicts in real sense personality. Either they rivel or dimotivate on their works. To fight against this system the riveler goes to get support to the police, judje and other because they cannt fight the piculiar gangstar.
Sorrow here also….in many case it is found that the police man, judge also keep connection to receive the randsom money share with the gangstar. So in many cases the general people does not go to the police.In this way small crimers become moster………cont.. next day

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