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Vocal against all social injustices – Pantomime

The cultural revolution of Pantomime? – The three-day National Pantomime Festival 2009 ended here recently with a call to becoming more vocal against all social injustices Pantomime Movement organised the festival to mark its 14th anniversary at the Theatre Institute Chittagong (TIC) on the theme...
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GLOBAL WARMING issue is one of the most concentrable issue. The current recession was unexpected and the economy is going down everyday….same the preperarion for global warming facts should? innitiated. Bangladesh tops the 2009 Global Climate Risk Index, a ranking of 170 countries most vulnerable...
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Micro Credit Attracted South Africa President .

South African President Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe will visit Bangladesh at the end of this year,a delegation comprising businessmen and women entrepreneurs and NGO executives of South Africa would accompany the South African president. ????”They will visit some micro-credit programs in the rural areas of the...
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“Frogs Marry” as part of a ritual to bring rain

More than 250 people in northern Bangladesh have attended a wedding ceremony between two frogs Its a Traditional faith that when frong marry and sing the rain comes !!! So praying for rain Bangladeshi organised FROG MARRY . Source : AFP : More than 250...
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BANK LEADs OF BANGLADESH – Recession Banking

Bangladeshi commercial banks have started slashing their interest rates on deposit this month in line with the central bank’s latest interest rate policy.while interest rates on lending remained almost the same in the country’s banking sector. Bangladesh Bank (BB), slashed its interest rate on repurchase...
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Nuclear power plant proposed by Russia

IN Recent time Bangladesh is looking for the physible power plants to meet up the upgrowing power demand of the contry.Russia is making endeavors to assist Bangladesh to construct a nuclear plant to meet the energy needs in the south Asian country. Russian Ambassador to...
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Centre For Good Governance

Bangladesh is thursty for good governace ,in spite of having good wishes lack of governance research Goverment fails many time to take proper innitiative. To help Goverment through good governance research Centre For Good Governance is an innitiative What is CGG? Center for Good Governance...
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World recession solution through Global CITIZEN concept-2

World recession solution through Global CITIZEN concept-1 World recession solution through Global CITIZEN concept-2 HUMAN and Developing Humanity? :From time history we get democracy is the best solution for Governance. Democracy is the root of humanity. To impliment the concept its must to develop moral...
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Public Private Partnership – PPP

under this new national policy, the PPP Office was established as a separate, autonomous office under the Prime Minister's Office to support sector line ministries to facilitate identification, development and tendering of PPP projects to international standards. A PPP Unit under the Ministry of Finance was established to foster an environment of fiscal responsibility and sustainability in PPP projects.

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