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BDR Rivel overview!!:Bangladesh

On Wednesday morning 8.30 am (?25th February2009) A diffrent news started that Two major armed force of Bangladesh (ARMY and BDR)?declare war against each other which exclamed and feared the nation.?Through The private televion channel live relay made clear the fact.And it was clear that the BDR soldger Today i went to Dhanmondi Area and get the total picture was diffrent ,The Mobile network was controlled! It was cool than yesterday till 1.30 pm . after then thr BDR riveler started firing without any specific reason, At 2.30 PM prime minister delebrate? speech for Nation on television channel, She request and order to surrender the arms and same time utter the hardest return if disobey ,


This speech worked ! Same time the full preparation was taken by Bangladesh Army .The mutiny ended when the government threatened to quell it by force. Then the BDR Rivaler flew away. How the flew !!? It has a question.

The mutiny by the Bangladesh Rifles apparently began as an row over pay. Which is not Correct!!1

It ended as the massacre of 137 army officers and, it is feared, about 20 civilians including officers’ wives, in the guards’ headquarters in the capital.

Next Day

The government, meanwhile, issued a new order to all troops belonging to the 70,000-strong Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) to return to their posts within 24 hours.

In a nationwide television address Saturday, the army’s second-in-command said the rank-and-file guards who turned on their superiors would be punished.

“The BDR troops who took part in these barbaric and grisly acts cannot be pardoned and will not be pardoned,” said Lieutenant General M.A. Mubin.

“They will be given exemplary and quick punishment by a special tribunal. The martyrs will be buried with state honours.”

Global recession roles positive for Bangladeshi Software Market

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Japan give loan $433 million to Bangladesh for electricity and road bridge projects.

Good News: To Develop a contry its most necessary to develop the infrustucture.Power and Road??is the mostvital part of the infrustuctural events. At present Bangladesh’s total electricity generation is hovering around 3,800 MW against the demand for over 5,000 MW,Japan … read more

Bangladesh is formulating a new industrial policy-Targeting amid-income country by 2021

“DIN BODOLER PALA” SLOGAN FOR A CHAGE OF DEVELOPED AND UPDATED BANGLADESH Bangladesh’s Industries Minister Dilip Barua said the government is formulating a new industrial policy, including short-term, middle-term and long-term plans, which is important to build a digital Bangladesh … read more