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BDR Rivel overview!!:Bangladesh

On Wednesday morning 8.30 am (?25th February2009) A diffrent news started that Two major armed force of Bangladesh (ARMY and BDR)?declare war against each other which exclamed and feared the nation.?Through The private televion channel live relay made clear the fact.And it was clear that...
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Farmers are going to get priority for bank finace

Bangladesh is the best place i the world for farming. the national economy can be radically updated by short time only depanding the farming .A good news for Bangladesh from the Banking policy for farming :Source : (Reuters) Bangladesh presses foreign banks to lend to...
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Government has already advanced its footstep for TIFA

After a long discuss ,Trade and Investment Framework Agreement ?((TIFA) with the United States is a matter of time,Government has already advanced its footstep for TIFA.Bangladesh govt commitee has reviewed the draft TIFA agreement sent by the US authority. In recent years, the United States...
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Bangladesh innitiating to improve defence power

Bangladesh emarge to develop the defence power and planned to buy the package of weapons and armaments would include tanks, aircraft, helicopters, rifles and other equipment to strengthen the overall defence network. Bangladesh has lots of assets in its coastal area. To protect them properly...
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Global recession roles positive for Bangladeshi Software Market

The current Global recession has took its affect to all sector. Its interesting that Global recesssion? makes Bangladesh’s software industry a very suitable harbor for outsourcing as many western and European companies shifted their focus on the country for low-cost IT services.the country’s software export...
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Trainning for democratic sustainability In Bangladesh- by India

India has achived their degnified position on Democracy parctice.Demoratic Govermant is the most appreciable governance but the case study on Bangladesh has many bitter examples. Only lacking of proper democratic knowledge and excercise ,it may happen. Even it created a 2 years long caretaker govt....
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Tunnel under Karnaphuli River

Good news : 6-lane tunnel to be constructed under 3rd Karnaphuli Bridge The engineers concerned informed the Minister that 66 percent construction works on the 950-metre long bridge has so far completed, as it is likely to be opened to traffic by September next. Making...
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Strong political commitment needed for mining strategy

Bangladesh has energy shortage?as per ?sufficient production capacity. and the reson is lack of strong political commitment government could not take decision of appropriate mining strategy to economically. One of the major challenges the energy sector is facing is to find out ways how to...
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Public Private Partnership – PPP

under this new national policy, the PPP Office was established as a separate, autonomous office under the Prime Minister's Office to support sector line ministries to facilitate identification, development and tendering of PPP projects to international standards. A PPP Unit under the Ministry of Finance was established to foster an environment of fiscal responsibility and sustainability in PPP projects.

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